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"The colorful photographs within Mark E. Malasics' This Is Southington come together to convey a beautiful panoramic view of Southington, a quaint town in the state of Connecticut. Pictures of churches, adults and children with happy faces, and significant historical markers that lie within the town bring a sense of community and wholesome values lacking in today's current modern world. Southington has the charm of Don Knotts' and Andy Griffith's fictional Mayberry with a dash of the television series Gilmore Girls. Stars Hollow is another fictional quirky town which, in fact, also "resides" in Connecticut. We live in an era where books like This Is Southington are much needed as a reminder to the world at large that there are still pockets of small towns where people appear to live out their lives in harmony as opposed to how separated and alienated some other areas might seem at this very point in time. It is imperative that as a society we remember that happy times are not just behind us. They can still be found all over the country; they must merely be looked for."
This Is Southington

This Is Southington

A Photographic Compendium by Mark E. Malasics, 98 pages, 103 color photos inside, landscape format sized 11" X 8'5", $24.95 + $2.75 shipping (CT state sales tax where applicable).

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